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Who Stole Your Loan Radio – Strategy No. 4 – Stop Losing and Start Winning In Court! 8pm EST. TONIGHT!!!
| February 28, 2013

DISCLAIMER: THE CONTENT IN THIS BLOG IS FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY AND IS NOT TO BE MISCONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE! Anthony Martinez is a Litigation Discovery Expert, Consultant and Strategist.  Neither Anthony Martinez nor his firm AMA engage in the practice of law and only provide Legal Process Outsourcing Services (“LPO”) to licensed practicing attorneys.  AMA will provide public information only and will not provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation to a consumer about possible legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

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Listen to the controversial conversations of real property litigation with expert guests on Blog Talk Radio’s – Who Stole Your Loan Radio - Hosted by Anthony Martinez every Thursday at 8pm.  Tune in tonight, February 28, 2013 at 8pm EST. to the upcoming broadcast “Strategy No 4. Stop Losing and Start Winning in Court!“. 

Look for up and coming Webinar and Seminar Events as Anthony Martinez brings advanced discovery information, tactics and strategies to the Webinar and Seminar Circuit!


Who Stole Your Loan Radio

CALL IN TONIGHT 2/28/2013 AT (347) 857-3336.  8PM EST. SHARP!!!

Join me this evening on my weekly radio show Whole Stole Your Loan tonight at 8pm EST. where I will discuss how Attorneys and Pro Se litigants continue to make the same mistakes over and over in real property litigation cases resulting in more and more bad case law.  Given the amount of bias already mounted up against property owners, bad case law only ratifies the status quo.  So what’s the problem and how do we fix it?

In this episode of Who Stole Your Loan Radio, I, will discuss how and why attorneys and Pro Se litigants lose sight of the goal and fall victim to the fight!  Join me as I discuss:

- Shadow Banking – Who Really Funded the Transaction.

- Equitable Subrogation – Who’s Really Foreclosing?

- Moving Away From The Conspiracy of It All!

- Counterclaims & Offensive Actions – Overcoming the Failure To State A Claim (Case Killer) By Pleading Each Cause of Action With Extreme Specificity!

-  Discovery – Effective Depositions – Who Should You Depose.

- Much more!!!


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